Ice Essence
Rarity Uncommon
Value 120 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Not commonly dropped by mobs, these are generally obtained from Fishing, Old Wooden Box, and crafting at the Anvil. These are mainly used for crafting and little else.

Requires 3x Water Essence per piece to craft that the Anvil.

"Exudes cold energy."

Obtained FromEdit

Obtained From QuestEdit

Required for QuestEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Nox Hat
  • Nox Robe
  • Nox Gloves
  • Nox Boots
  • Nigra Felis Hat
  • Nigra Felis Robe
  • Nigra Felis Gloves
  • Nigra Felis Boots
  • Drape Cloche
  • Drape Dress
  • Drape Gloves
  • Drape Shoes
  • Biblos Cloche
  • Biblos Dress
  • Biblos Gloves
  • Biblos Shoes
  • Blizzard Core
  • Enriched Caelium

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