Linen Fiber
Rarity Common
Value 14 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Linen Fiber is commonly dropped by mobs. This is used to create other Linen cloth items.

"Fiber made using plants."

Obtained FromEdit

Obtained From QuestEdit

Required for QuestEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Teddy
  • Regina Wand
  • Pine Staff
  • Leggiero Mask
  • Felis Mask
  • Leggiero Suit
  • Felis Suit
  • Leggiero Gloves
  • Felis Gloves
  • Leggiero Boots
  • Felis Boots
  • Etana Tiara
  • Quetesh Tiara
  • Etana Suit
  • Quetesh Suit
  • Etana Gloves
  • Quetesh Gloves
  • Etana Shoes
  • Quetesh Shoes
  • Somnium Hat
  • Somnium Robe
  • Somnium Gloves
  • Somnium Boots
  • Gavras Cloche
  • Gavras Dress
  • Gavras Gloves
  • Gavras Shoes
  • Linen Cloth
  • Linen Thread

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