Silica Fiber
Rarity Common
Value 482 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Silica Fiber is a common drop for some mobs. This is used to craft other Silica cloth items at the Anvil.

"Semi-transparent fiber."

Obtained FromEdit

  • Contaminated Suba, Strong Penza

Used to CraftEdit

  • Lost Beques: Ruin
  • Lost Beques: Purify
  • Lachesis Wand
  • La Folia Staff
  • Alea Cap
  • Alea Suit
  • Alea Gloves
  • Alea Boots
  • Nidor Tiara
  • Nidor Suit
  • Nidor Gloves
  • Nidor Shoes
  • Sibils Hat
  • Sibils Robe
  • Sibils Gloves
  • Sibils Boots
  • Vovian Cloche
  • Vovian Dress
  • Vovian Gloves
  • Vovian Shoes
  • Silica Cloth
  • Silica Thread

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