Silica Thread
Rarity Common
Value 241 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Thread crafted from Silica Fiber at the Anvil. Must have 1x Silica Fiber and 10 gold per piece.

"Thread made of Silica Fiber."

Obtained FromEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • DIY: Stone of Progress C
  • DIY: Stone of Progress B
  • DIY: Pran Evolution Stone
  • Pran evolving stone
  • Alea Cap
  • Aster Cap
  • Alea Suit
  • Aster Suit
  • Alea Gloves
  • Aster Glove
  • Alea Boots
  • Aster Boots
  • Nidor Tiara
  • Medein Tiara
  • Nidor Suit
  • Medein Suit
  • Nidor Gloves
  • Medein Glove
  • Nidor Shoes
  • Medein Boots
  • Sibils Hat
  • Telos Hat
  • Sibils Robe
  • Telos Robe
  • Sibils Gloves
  • Telos Glove
  • Sibils Boots
  • Telos Boots
  • Vovian Cloche
  • Leila Cloche
  • Vovian Dress
  • Leila Dress
  • Vovian Gloves
  • Leila Glove
  • Vovian Shoes
  • Leila Shoes

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