Stylist Sasha
NPC Info
Title: Pran Clothing Merchant
Map: Regenshein

This Pran sells Costume items for your Pran. These are the only items you may purchase with gold. Items in these stores do not give stat effects to the player.

Pran must be a Child to wear these items.

Quests EndingEdit



Price of these Items:

  • White Rabbit Headband: 3,207 Gold
  • Candy Angel Headband: 6,415 Gold
  • Pink Glasses: 4,276 Gold
  • Classic Sunglasses: 6,415 Gold
  • Spin Glasses: 2,138 Gold
  • White Flower One-Piece: 8,553 Gold
  • Tight Khaki Mini-Skirt: 17,107 Gold
  • Cute Pink Pumpkin One-Piece: 25,660 Gold
  • Fairy Wing: 5,346 Gold
  • Candy Angel Wing: 16,038 Gold
  • Teddy: 5,346 Gold
  • Kody: 10,692 Gold

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