Tough Skin Strap
Rarity Common
Value 16 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Tough Skin Strap is a common drop that is used to craft equipment and other leathers.

Must have 1x Tough Skin and 10 Gold to craft each piece at the Anvil.

"Straps made from Tough Skin."

Obtained FromEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Diamond Blade
  • Imperial Guardian
  • Sword of Corrupt Judgment
  • Death Swear
  • Gorefest x2
  • Moon Silver x2
  • Swift Griffon
  • Slip Stream
  • Sinsayer
  • Holy Benetict
  • Dim Night
  • Fallen Destiny
  • Visaya Blade
  • Amon Blade
  • Gracia Sword
  • Biblos Sword
  • Wild Rose CL x2
  • La Atum x2
  • Birch SB-21
  • Munkar MK-1
  • Clavier Wand
  • Kouzel Wand
  • Paulownia Staff
  • Oak Staff

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