Typhoon Core
Rarity Superior
Value 360 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Commonly acquired through crafting at the Anvil or Fishing. These are used to craft higher level equipment and items.

Requires 3x Storm Essence and 10 Gold per piece to craft at the Anvil.

"Exudes a powerful wind."

Obtained FromEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Bracelet of the Plunderer
  • Necklace of the Plunderer
  • Helmet of Warrior's Strife
  • Armor of Warrior's Strife
  • Gauntlets of Warrior's Strife
  • Boots of Warrior's Strife
  • Helmet of Paladin's Strife
  • Armor of Paladin's Strife
  • Gauntlets of Paladin's Strife
  • Boots of Paladin's Strife
  • Shield of Paladin's Strife
  • Cap of Rifleman's Strife
  • Suit of Rifleman's Strife
  • Gloves of Rifleman's Strife
  • Boots of Rifleman's Strife
  • Tiara of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Suit of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Gloves of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Shoes of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Hat of Warlock's Strife
  • Robe of Warlock's Strife
  • Gloves of Warlock's Strife
  • Boots of Warlock's Strife
  • Cloche of Cleric's Strife
  • Dress of Cleric's Strife
  • Gloves of Cleric's Strife
  • Shoes of Cleric's Strife
  • Cap of Nature's Blessing
  • Suit of Nature's Blessing
  • Gloves of Nature's Blessing
  • Boots of Nature's Blessing
  • Tiara of Nature's Blessing
  • Suit of Nature's Blessing
  • Gloves of Nature's Blessing
  • Shoes of Nature's Blessing
  • Sharp Dark Essence
  • Sappirus Mask
  • Rembrandt Cap
  • Alea Cap
  • Aster Cap
  • Ruister Cap
  • Sappirus Suit
  • Rembrandt Suit
  • Alea Suit
  • Aster Suit
  • Ruister Suit
  • Sappirus Gloves
  • Rembrandt Gloves
  • Alea Gloves
  • Aster Glove
  • Ruister Gloves
  • Sappirus Boots
  • Rembrandt Boots
  • Alea Boots
  • Aster Boots
  • Ruister Boots
  • Valore Tiara
  • Nebula Tiara
  • Nidor Tiara
  • Medein Tiara
  • Erika Tiara
  • Valore Suit
  • Nebula Suit
  • Nidor Suit
  • Medein Suit
  • Erika Suit
  • Valore Gloves
  • Nebula Gloves
  • Nidor Gloves
  • Medein Glove
  • Erika Gloves
  • Valore Shoes
  • Nebula Shoes
  • Nidor Shoes
  • Medein Boots
  • Erika Shoes

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