This is the first map after leaving the Disceroa  Colony.

This is a pve map located on the Limited Channel, so you will not accrue talents here.

There are only 4 NPCs located in this map and they are found at the entrance. If you go back to the entrance, you may teleport to Disceroa Colony.

If you continue on the path, you will enter the Pass of Silence, which contains the Abyssal Gate dungeon.

Below is a list of NPCs and mobs found on this map.

NPCs & MobsEdit

NPCs are "Non-Playing Characters" that give you quests, complete quests, sell items, or otherwise interact with you.

As with items, you can search these people in the "Search" bar located on the map in-game.

NPC & Quest Objects Significance
Howard Spen Teleport back to the Colony
Massacre Field Guard Save Point
Rijue Futin Quests
Desepheron Quest Item
Explorer's Remains Quest Item
Flower of Despair Quest Item
Suspicious Caldron Quest Item

Mobs randomly drop:

Mob Essence Cloth Leather Mineral
Corpse Worm Stygia Fiber Crystal Skin Terasphere
Gherion Butcher Stygia Fiber Crystal Skin Terasphere
Gherion Slaughterer Stygia Fiber Crystal Skin Terasphere
Revived Aitan Stygia Fiber Crystal Skin Terasphere
Suffering Aitan Stygia Fiber Crystal Skin Terasphere

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