This is the 1st instanced dungeon in Aika that is located in Zantorian Park.

To get to Zantorian Park, you must use the Teleporter located in the northeast corner of Regenshein.

  • Level Requirements: 1
  • Party Members Required: 1
  • Crystal/Key for Entry: None
  • Daily Limits: None; Hell Mode: 1 daily
  • Normal Solo Level: 15 class dependent
  • Hard Solo Level: 18
  • Elite Solo Level: 20


This is typically the first dungeon players encounter in Aika. It is fairly easy to solo at an early level. Therefore, it is a decent source of gold if you repair and NPC all the equipment that is dropped.

Hell Mode can only be done once per day. This is a level 50+ dungeon and should not be attempted solo at lower levels. Level 65+ is recommended. There are 11 quests for Zantorian Citadel:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
8 [Normal] Teleport Repairman Neo Kill Duke of Terror and Duke of Horror
10 [Normal] Dungeon Training Colonel Damir Kill Ennvictus
10 [Normal] Magical Energy Theletar Lederma Kill mobs for Pieces of Magic Power
10 [Normal] Proud Creation Theletar Griffel Kill Vormican
14 [Hard] Teleport Repairman Neo Kill Duke of Terror and Duke of Horror
14 [Hard] True Monster Sarah Raynor Kill Sir Asmodius and Belias
17 [Hard] Attack Ennvictus Major Krauss Kill Ennvictus
17 [Hard] Broken Heart Crystals Alchemist Lucini Kill Duke of Horror, Terror, and Vormican
17 [Hard] Collecting Peridots Yvette Trincia Kill Baron Malevant for peridot drops
17 [Hard] Ennvictus' Jewel Kiki Kill Ennvictus
18 [Elite] Teleport Repairman Neo Kill Duke of Terror and Duke of Horror

Dungeon EntryEdit

Once in Zantorian Park, follow the road directly in front of the Teleporter and it will lead you to the dungeon. To the right is a map of the park.

Once you reach the dungeon, there is a Theletar standing in front that you must talk to. The leader of the party will choose which level and the other party members have 3 minutes to agree to enter.

All Zantorium Citadel dungeon maps for all levels are the same, the difficulty of the mobs changes though. Below is a map of the dungeon.

Inside the DungeonEdit

Zant Cit

The lowest area (center zig-zags) of the left map is where you enter and the top left and right circles (on that map) are where the Duke of Terror and Duke of Horror are located. The Green Dot in lower left hallway is Neo the Teleport Repairman, he teleports you to the right map.

After defeating Vormican located in the topmost room of the right map, you are teleported back to the largest circle on the left map (green dot) which is where the Ennvictus is located.

This dungeon is the easiest to complete and can easily be soloed around level 15-20. The mobs in each of the rooms are segregated a bit so that you can kill one group without pulling others. So just kill the small groups one at a time working your way up the halls.

You MUST accept Neo's quest in order to advance to the other hallway. If you failed to do so, you can either leave the party by right clicking your name or use a waypoint scroll to leave the dungeon.



  • Normal Mobs: Level 8 Equips, Pellurite [F], Rubicine [F]
  • Gold Crowns: Level 8 Equips, Pellurite [F], Rubicine [F]


  • Normal Mobs: Level 8 Equips, Pellurite [F], Rubicine [F]
  • Gold Crowns: Level 8 Equips, Pellurite [F], Rubicine [F]


  • Normal Mobs: Level 16 Equips, Pellurite [F], Rubicine [F]
  • Gold Crowns: Level 16 Equips, Pellurite [F], Rubicine [F]
  • Ennvictus: Level 16 Sup Equips, Pellurite [F], Rubicine [F]


  • Normal Mobs: Pellurite [C], Rubicine [C]
  • Duke of Horror: Mana Boots, Pellurite [C], Rubicine [C]
  • Duke of Terror: Mana Gloves, Pellurite [C], Rubicine [C]
  • Vormican: Mana Hat, Pellurite [C], Rubicine [C]
  • Ennvictus: Mana Body, Mana Weapon, Mana Shield, Pellurite [C], Rubicine [C]

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